Police Charge Woman After Falsely Claiming Three Men Raped Her

Three men accused of gang-raping a woman in Red Bluff have been exonerated after an investigation revealed the relationship to be much different than the woman claimed. Last Tuesday evening an 18-year-old woman who was staying at the Path Shelter in Red Bluff reported to a staff member that she had been sexually assaulted by three men, including a man who was there at the shelter with her. She was taken to Saint Elizabeth Hospital, where a sexual assault exam showed injuries consistent with her story. She told detectives that she had been kidnapped at knife point and held against her will. Investigators worked through the night and by the next day they had arrested all three suspects. Their stories were much different than that told by the woman, and their stories were all consistent with each other. When confronted again by detectives, the woman apparently admitted that she did have sex with the men, but that it was voluntary. Charges against the men have been dropped and the woman will be charged with filing a false police report.


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