Man Arrested For Arson After Lighting Van On Fire

A black plume of noxious smoke could be seen rising from next to the west end of the Cypress Avenue Bridge Tuesday afternoon. A little after 2 O’clock 39-year-old Dane Brayman of Antelope parked his minivan at the fishing access off Park Marina Drive and started breaking the windows with large rocks. Someone from the law firm that owns the parking lot asked him to leave and he did. Brayman was apparently angry with the van because it ran out of gas. Shortly before 4 O’clock Brayman returned and threw a road flare inside the van. The upholstery caught fire and the van was soon fully engulfed in flames. Brayman was taken away by Redding Police for resisting arrest, trespassing and arson, but Redding Fire Inspector Patrick O’Connor says the van fire was actually not technically illegal. The arson charge was for damage done to the asphalt. O’Connor says Brayman could still be fined by air quality officials.


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