APD: Officers Hunch Helps Recover Stolen Vehicle

Police are generally expected to solve crimes, but solving crimes that have not even been discovered is another thing altogether. Thursday night an Anderson Police Officer was patrolling his beat in the Ravenwood Neighborhood. He was so familiar with the comings and goings of the area that it struck him as odd when he saw a Honda Civic he didn’t recognize parked on the street. He ran the license plate and found it was registered to someone in Redding, but it had not been reported as stolen. The officer persisted with his hunch, though, because Honda Civics are one of the most popular cars for theft in Shasta County. He called the registered owner of the car and, sure enough, the owner not only was surprised to hear the car was in Anderson, but didn’t even know it was gone. It had to have been stolen within the previous few hours. The owner headed to the scene to recover the car.


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