Judge Orders Murder Suspect Be Moved To State Hospital

A Corning man accused of killing his mother might never be tried, because of his mental competency. On October 9th, Corning Police were sent to a home on Marty Court to check on the welfare of 55-year-old Angelika Deno. A neighbor had called after Angelika’s son, 32-year-old Erik Deno, had come to her door acting strangely. He asked if “Waldo” was home and she said she didn’t know a Waldo. He then asked if he could talk to Jesus and said he needed help moving Gilda, and that if he didn’t get help he would have to put her on the street. The neighbor said that when Erik was taking about moving the body his face began twitching unnaturally. When he left, she called 9-1-1. When officers went to the house nobody answered the door and they eventually forced entry into the home. Erik was found in a bedroom and he reportedly became combative and was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Shortly afterward, officers found the body of his mother in the trash bin outside. She had been strangled to death. Erik Deno has been charged with murder but has not entered a plea because he was declared mentally incompetent and has been in a mental facility. On Tuesday a judge ordered him moved to a state hospital, where he’ll begin a regimen of anti-psychotic drugs. If his mental state ever stabilizes, he may be brought back to Tehama County to face charges.


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