Show Dog Thief Sentenced To Prison

A Redding man will go to prison for the theft of a van full of show dogs. The large van was stolen June 6th from the parking lot of In-N-Out Burger in Redding. It contained 14 purebred champion bloodline dogs on their way to a dog show in the Bay Area. The value of the dogs was estimated at around a Half Million Dollars. The van had been left unattended for a few minutes, still running so the air conditioning would keep the dogs comfortable. The following day a tip brought police to a wooded area off Canyon Road about a half-mile from Highway 273. That’s where the van was found abandoned with all the dogs inside. They were hot and thirsty, but apparently unharmed. Surveillance video from In-N-Out led to the arrests of 42-year-old Benjamin Larson and 29-year-old Billy Jo Patterson. Larson was killed last week in a shootout with police along Interstate Five near Knighton Road after a high speed chase. Patterson made a deal last month, admitting to vehicle theft with a prior and animal cruelty counts. He was sentenced Thursday to 3 years 4 months in state prison.


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