APD: Man With 8 Warrants Sought After Jumping From Moving Vehicle

Anderson Police say a wanted man got away from them by endangering other drivers. 32-year-old Derrick Wayne horn has been on the APD’s “Wanted Wednesday” and has 8 active arrest warrants. At around 10 O’clock Saturday morning an officer was driving on Airport Road when he apparently saw Horn driving a car going the other direction. He turned around and tried to pull the car over on Dersch Road, but Horn reportedly jumped from the driver’s seat of the moving car and ran away. The car crossed over into opposing traffic, forcing drivers to swerve out of the way until a passenger in the driverless car got behind the wheel and pulled over to the shoulder. A reverse 9-1-1 was issued for the area as officers searched with a K9. They gave up after about 2 hours. The car reportedly had false registration and contained an illegal weapon and drugs.


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