Code Enforcement Cracking Down On Outdoor Marijuana Grows

City of Redding Code Enforcement has been relentless in the pursuit of cannabis cultivators who continue to grow outdoors. Prior to the decriminalization of the plant, the city allowed medical marijuana to be grown in backyards, with a limit of 6 plants and various restrictions of their placement and height. No indoor cultivation was allowed, but that’s been reversed since the change in the law. Proposition 64 does not allow municipalities to restrict people from growing up to 6 plants inside their homes for their own use. Redding has responded by banning all outdoor growing. A number of residents have learned of this change in the law the hard way as they’ve been issued fines of $1000 per plant by code enforcement officers. A resident of School Street had 24 plants, prompting a $24,000 fine. It was reduced to a demand of $2,400 within 10 days on a hardship waiver, but the resident argues that’s still a lot of money to most people, and he simply couldn’t pay it. He and an number of other backyard growers with huge fines will bring their appeals to the Administrative Hearings Board Wednesday at 2 O’clock in the City Council Chambers.


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