Forest Service Hosting Online Adoption Event For Wild Horses

Following a controversial roundup in Modoc County, the Forest Service has placed dozens of wild horses in good homes, but hundreds more remain with an unclear fate. About 900 Wild Mustangs were gathered from the Devils Garden Plateau because they were overcrowded and trampling the other wildlife. Around 650 of them were given to the BLM to manage. They’ll be available for adoption soon at the Litchfield Corrals. The BLM has been doing the roundups for years, but the Forest Service kept the rest of the horses. They say 60 have been adopted and nearly 200 remain in their hands. The adoption fee is $125, but the horses can be acquired for just One Dollar each through ” purchase with limitation”. What exactly that means is unclear. Front Range Equine Rescue and other groups have a federal lawsuit pending to prevent selling the horses to interests that will export them to be slaughtered for human consumption. An online adoption event is planned for January 7th through the 13th. Information is at 233-8738.


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