Man Sentenced To Prison For Stealing Lottery Tickets

A Redding man has been sentenced for a daring snatch and run robbery of lottery tickets in Tehama County. On May 8th 31-year-old Francisco Palos Jr stumbled into the Crosslands Market in Los Molinos pretending to be drunk. He was reeling around and making a spectacle of himself to provide a distraction while his accomplice stole a display case containing lottery tickets. Palos and the accomplice both took off in a Saturn SUV northbound on Highway 99. A witness to the theft followed them and called 9-1-1, updating the dispatcher until law enforcement was able to get there. They reportedly found the case containing $1,283 worth of lottery tickets. Palos later missed a court date in the case. He’s been sentenced to 2 years 8 months in state prison.


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