Alleged Shoe Thief Captured After Burglary On Hilltop Drive

Redding Police say a man who stole a dozen shoes from a store on Tuesday only took the right ones, and then returned Thursday for the left ones. It was 4:30AM Tuesday when officers responded to a burglary alarm at Redwood Sole on Hilltop Drive. The shoes, priced as pairs, were worth about $2,400. At 4:40AM Thursday morning the store owner called police to say he was watching someone break in to the store via a remote surveillance camera. An officer arrived to see a man tampering with the front door lock for several minutes before giving up and fleeing on a bicycle. The officer pursued him and took him into custody. 29-year-old Matthew Watson was allegedly in possession of burglary tools and a Meth pipe. After booking him into jail, officers searched a home where Watson has been staying, and reportedly found all the right shoes.


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