Investigators Say Man Missing Man Died Of Medical Condition

A cause of death has been determined for a man whose remains were discovered east of McCloud. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department and search and rescue teams had been looking for 68-year-old Dennis Delmar Jewett since he was reported missing December 12th by a neighbor of his home in the Mount Shasta Forest Village Community. He had last been seen December 3rd. His home was unsecured, and his dog was wandering in and out, but there was no sign of burglary or assault. His vehicles were still at his home, so a search was done with the presumption that Jewett had left on foot. Sunday morning a search and rescue team found Jewett’s remains near Hotlum Drive and Widow Springs, quite a distance from the home. It’s believed that was because animals had dragged his remains there after he died. An autopsy determined he died of a medical condition.


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