Update: Man Shot By Officers Booked Into Jail

A man who was shot by a CHP Officer a little north of Weed a few days ago is out of the hospital and is now in jail. At 7:40AM Saturday the officer stopped to check on a vehicle that was parked on the shoulder of Southbound Interstate 5 a mile-and-a-half south of Edgewood Road. 26-year-old Jesus Jobhany Chavez of Fontana, who was suspected to be armed, confronted the officer. He refused the officer’s commands and the officer shot him. Chavez then apparently tried to get away on foot, unsuccessfully trying to force his way into occupied vehicles, presumably to carjack them. He was captured and taken to Mercy Mount Shasta to be treated for his gunshot wound. Chavez has been booked into jail for felony obstructing an officer, felony attempted carjacking and a misdemeanor for allegedly being on drugs, likely Methamphetamine. The investigation is being done by several Siskiyou County agencies.


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