28-Year-Old Sex Offender Sentenced To Over 7 Years In Prison

A registered sex offender with multiple indecent exposure convictions has been sentenced for being apparently unable to keep his pants on in public, even while on parole. Over the course of a couple of hours on August 8th, 28-year-old Daniel Fauston Bonnie showed up at various locations in West Redding doing indecent things in public. He was at the Chevron Station on Eureka Way masturbating next to the roadway as children walked home from school. Shortly afterward a child discovered him naked inside the Sacramento River Trail restrooms at the end of Traveled Way. A while after that, multiple witnesses saw him on North Market Street completely nude exposing himself to passing drivers. Officers arrived and arrested Bonnie, finding him to be in possession of Methamphetamine. He had apparently cut off his GPS ankle monitor, the third time he had done that this year. Bonnie had been arrested 7 times since January. He was on parole from a robbery conviction and in September of last year he was caught performing lewd acts on himself alongside North Market Street. In October Bonnie was again convicted by a jury of indecent exposure, as well as Meth possession. On Friday a judge found him to be in violation of probation and parole when he committed his crimes, and also took into account Bonnie’s prior strike in sentencing him to 7 years 8 months in state prison.


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