Jury Finds Man Guilty Of 3 Misdemeanors For DUI Crash

A 44-year-old Cottonwood man has been found guilty of DUI and hit and run following a jury trial. On June 14th Edward Allen Pulfer was driving a small SUV in Cottonwood. Witnesses said he was weaving just before hitting a Cadillac Escalade in the opposing lane. Pulfer kept driving, but he left a key piece of evidence behind. His bumper and front license plate remained lying on the roadway. That led a CHP Officer to Pulfer’s home, where he was found to be intoxicated. He admitted he had been drinking, and that he had been in a collision. Despite that admission, he pleaded not guilty and forced a jury trial. He was convicted Thursday of three misdemeanors. Sentencing is set for Monday.


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