Body Of Driver Who Was Ejected In Crash Found In Nearby Creek

A crash of a pickup truck off Hyampom Road in Trinity County was fatal for the driver, but that was not known at first because the victim could not be found. At 7:35PM Friday the Dodge Ram was about 2-and-a-half miles from Hayfork when it drifted onto the right shoulder on a curve. The driver overcorrected and the truck crossed both lanes and launched airborne off a cliff. People nearby heard the crash as the pickup’s front end hit the dirt and rock bed of Hayfork Creek about 80 feet below the roadway. Nobody was inside the pickup when rescuers arrived and about 20 searchers were unable to find anybody in the dark of night, not even with the use of thermal imaging devices. Apparently, the driver had not been wearing a seatbelt and was ejected into the water of Hayfork Creek, which carried him downstream about a half mile. At 10:45AM Saturday morning a CHP helicopter crew spotted the submerged body and notified the coroner. The CHP says their investigation showed the 63-year-old Hayfork man had been drinking, though it’s not known if he was intoxicated.


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