Siskiyou County Releases Pot Bust Totals For 2018

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office is reporting their cannabis seizure totals for the 2018 growing season. Since October First, the department has served 140 search warrants on private property, seizing 21,426 plants and 14,406 pounds of processed bud. More than half of that processed bud came from one operation in the Montague area. 19 people were arrested, 14 others were given citations and $25,222 was kept. In determining the value of the seizures, the department uses a formula that figures a 3 pound yield per plant and a $1000 wholesale price per pound. The numbers are doubled for retail estimates, presumably if sold on the east coast. Adding it all up, the department boasts of seizures totaling an astonishing number of more than 157 Million Dollars. The department has been operating with the added authority of an emergency declaration granted by the Board of Supervisors, and they’ve gotten significant assistance from federal agencies. In addition to the private property raids, there’s been a significant amount of processed bud seized while in transit, including more than a ton seized by the CHP from a single vehicle on October 5th.


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