Woman Arrested After Allegedly Sparking Fire Under Train Trestle

Redding Fire Department started the New Year with an unusual arson fire in South Redding. At around 9:30AM Tuesday firefighters were sent to the Olney Creek railroad trestle between Highway 273 and Eastside Road just south of Bonneyview. Heavy black smoke was coming from beneath the bridge. Train traffic was stopped and it took about 10 minutes to get the fire under control. Union Pacific officials inspected the bridge and decided it was still alright to handle trains and rail traffic was opened up again. Fire investigators determined the fire was intentionally started, as an incendiary device was used in multiple places to ignite paper and thereby ignite the oily substance used to treat the wood of the bridge structure. 32-year-old Connie Ginger Bautista was seen wandering around the area and she was questioned and eventually booked into jail for felony arson, along with outstanding warrants.


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