City Services Begin Returning For Paradise Residents

The town hall in Paradise, which withstood the flames of the Camp Fire has partially reopened. The Septic Department will be open weekdays from 8AM until Noon to prepare requests for septic plans as residents begin the process of rebuilding. Although the office is open city officials say the preferred way to look up information is online. Meantime, plans to move a statue from the Black Bear Diner in Paradise to the original location in Mt. Shasta for preservation have been scrapped. Even though the Paradise location of the Black Bear Diner burned to the ground during the fire, the statue survived. The statue depicts a Black Bear with a sign which states “Welcome To Bearadise”. Instead of moving the statue, the restaurant chain has decided instead to donate it to the City of Paradise. It will remain at its current location for the time being. No word on when or if the restaurant may begin to rebuild.


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