Annual Christmas Display Raises Over 25K For Charity

A popular outdoor Christmas display has raised more money for the Salvation Army. The Red Kettle Drive at the long-running holiday destination on Barrel Court in Redding has achieved a new record. Through December 31st, $25,255 in donations was raised, an increase of about $1,000 over last year’s total. For many years, Dick and Fran Wilkinson, with the help of volunteers, have decked out their red barn and house with lots of lights and Christmas displays. The fund-raising started when visitors wanted to donate money to help with the Wilkinsons’ high December electric bill. Wilkinson told people to make a donation to the Salvation Amy instead. Then he asked for a red kettle so donations could be made on-site. In addition to cash and checks, donations were also taken by people using credit or debit cards.


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