LaMalfa Responds To Trump’s Threat To Pull FEMA Funding

Northstate Congressman Doug LaMalfa has issued a statement after President Trump threatened on Twitter to pull FEMA funding for wildfire recovery. LaMalfa said that although he agrees with the president’s stance that environmental regulations and bad forest management are an issue in California, he says the immediate problem for fire victims is the first need, and threats to FEMA funding are not helpful and will not solve the longer term forest management regulatory problems. He added that the president saw first hand “Our fire-ravaged areas” and “he made the promise to help, and I expect him to keep it.” LaMalfa added that he remains an enthusiastic partner for long term solutions to forest management issues. LaMalfa is asking the president to support disaster recovery and he added that “Many of these people have lost everything, and they desperately need our help right now.”


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