Council Tentatively Finds Funding

In order to maintain four police and three firefighting positions for another year the Redding City Council voted Tuesday night to tentatively raise building and other fees.
The city has been paying for the positions from a series of grants and other sources and also subsidizing some of the costs from its general fund. However with those monies either drying up or being just one time allotments, the roughly $800,000 needed will have to come from somewhere else this year. After a lengthy discussion, the council voted in concept to raise building and permit fees and also some recreation fees in order to fund the positions. City Manager Barry Tippin will bring back specific numbers for the council to consider in about two months. He estimates that fees for an average home will increase by $321.
The council also voted to uphold a planning commission decision and allow an 87 room hotel to be built on Del Monte Street despite the objections of neighbors. Concessions will be made to mitigate noise, light, and traffic concerns.


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