Red Bluff Arrest for Beer Theft and Vandalism

The reasons are clear why a Red Bluff man allegedly broke into a mini mart overnight, but why he vandalized the prisons office is not as obvious. At around 12:20 this morning, a burglar alarm went off at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Office on Gilmore Avenue in Red Bluff. Someone had smashed the glass front door of the office with a large rock. About 10 minutes later another burglar alarm brought Red Bluff Police to a gas station/mini mart nearby on Antelope Boulevard. The glass front door to that business had also been smashed with a rock and an investigation showed a case of beer had been stolen. An hour later, at 1:30 AM, C-H-P officers found 39-year-old Paul Pulido in the city park drinking the stolen beer. He was booked into jail for burglary and vandalism.


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