K-9 Helps in Burglary Arrest

A Redding Police K-9 helped take down a burglary suspect Thursday night. At 7:45 someone came home to their R-V at the Premier R-V resort on North Boulder Drive near Waterworks Park. The person walked in to find a man was inside. Police were called and when officers arrived the suspect had locked himself in the bathroom. He refused to come out and was holding the door to prevent officers from coming in to get him. The door was pried open enough for Otto the K-9 to slip inside and make the capture. 32-year-old Brandon Philip Frisbie apparently gave officers a false name before his true identity was discovered. Frisbie had a felony warrant and was on post community supervision for drug-related crimes. After being treated at a hospital for his dog bites, Frisbie was booked into jail.


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