Fire Damages Large Building South Of Redding

A fire at a shop building between Redding and Anderson destroyed all the contents of the unit where it started, but quality construction prevented major damage to the neighboring businesses. The fire started at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon at 6915 Eastside Road, a series of large metal buildings with a number of tenants between River Ranch and Latona a little south of Haven Humane Society. Cal-Fire/Shasta County Fire, with help from Redding, Anderson and other agencies. Scott Corn with Cal-Fire says it may have been caused by work being done on a fuel system for a race car. Corn says the quality of the construction in the firewalls proved key in containing damage. A lot of tools and various equipment was completely destroyed, with the total value estimated at around $200,000. Also destroyed were a pickup truck, a trailer and a 1973 Chevy Vega hot rod that the owner had been working on for many years.





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