Man To Stand Trial For Brutal Murder For 3rd Time

A third jury trial is set for next month against Juan Venegas. The 41-year-old Redding man has been tried twice for the murder of David Wicks, who was killed December 21st of 2016 while working at the Shell Station in Johnson Park just east of Burney. Surveillance showed a person in a yellow rain suit using a flammable liquid to torch Wicks and the store. The rain suit was later found and DNA testing led sheriff’s detectives to arrest Venegas. The case against him ended in a mistrial in August of 2017. The latest trial concluded just last week in another hung jury, with ten in favor of guilt and two in favor of acquittal. Venegas is now scheduled for another jury trial beginning March 12th. The D.A.’s Office was never seeking the death penalty against Venegas. He faces possible life in prison without parole if convicted of first degree murder with special allegations.


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