Input Sought On How To Distribute Costs Of Construction For Central Valley Project

If the Bureau of Reclamation’s “Draft Central Valley Project Final Cost Allocation Study” sounds like humdrum routine government business, consider that it involves Billions of Dollars and hasn’t been updated since 1975. The study will re-examine how the costs to repay construction of the massive system of dams and canals and aqueducts should be allocated among those who benefit from it. The costs are supposed to be distributed among seven purposes: water supply, flood control, navigation, power, fish and wildlife, recreation and water quality. The legislatively mandated deadline to pay off the construction costs is 2030. The new cost allocation study began in 2010 and there have been more than 30 meetings to gather input. The final meeting is February 21st in Sacramento, and the deadline for written comments is April 17th. They can be submitted, and the study can be reviewed, at


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