10K Reward Offered For Information On 1995 Murder Case

Redding Police have been revisiting some murder cases that have gone cold, in hopes that new leads will have developed over the years. On June 24th of 1995, Christine Munro was jogging along the Sacramento River Trail when someone pulled her into the bushes and slashed her throat. The 37-year-old nurse left behind four children. In the weeks that followed, the river trail became deserted as the hunt for Munro’s killer went nowhere, despite an intensive RPD investigation that followed many possible leads and led to countless interviews. Two years later a convicted rapist and kidnapper named Michael Vielbig claimed that he had killed Munro, but there was no evidence and investigators had doubts about his story, so he was never charged. In hopes of generating more leads, a $10,000 reward is offered for anonymous tips at 243-2319 or scsecretwitness.com.


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