Man Sentenced To 17 Years After Attacking Red Bluff Police Officer

A Red Bluff man has been sentenced after pleading guilty to attempted murder of a peace officer. On August 30th, a police officer was providing a civil standby for a woman to retrieve belongings from a home on Pine Street in Red Bluff when a vehicle came speeding toward them, driven by the woman’s estranged husband, 40-year-old Darren Edward Ramsey. The car struck a power pole, shearing it off, and hit a parked car before striking the officer and Ramsey’s wife. Ramsey then got out and attacked the officer, trying to get his gun from his holster. Several bystanders intervened and tried to restrain Ramsey. He was taken into custody after other officers arrived. Ramsey, his wife and the officer all suffered minor injuries. The Red Bluff Police Department has expressed appreciation for the bystanders who stepped in and helped. Ramsey pleaded guilty to several charges and was sentenced Thursday to 17 years in state prison.


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