Update: Man Shot Dead After Allegedly Charging Deputies With A Knife

Tehama County Sheriff’s Deputies shot a man dead early Monday morning. At around 5:30AM, a 40-year-old woman was riding in a vehicle on Jelly’s Ferry Road with her ex-husband at the wheel. He’s been identified as 45-year-old Carl Thayer of Red Bluff. The woman said the two were arguing and Thayer threatened to crash the car and kill them both. He tried to make good on the threat as he plowed the car into a fence near the Jelly’s Ferry Bridge. The woman was able to escape and ran to a nearby house for help, and to call law enforcement. When deputies arrived Thayer was no longer at the car. The woman had told them that Thayer was armed with a knife. When Thayer was found, three deputies confronted him and tried to take him into custody. He refused to drop his knife so they used a taser, but he was able to deflect the taser probes by using his jacket as a shield. Thayer then charged toward one of the deputies with the knife in his hand and continuing to fend off the tasers with his jacket. Another deputy believed that they had run out of options, so he fired three rounds from his gun and Thayer dropped. Deputies performed CPR and emergency medical personnel arrived and attempted further lifesaving measures, but Thayer was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation is being done by the Tehama County D.A.’s Office and the State Department of Justice.


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