Deputies Recover Over 7K In Stolen Goods In Siskiyou County

A burglary case was solved and three arrests were made in McCloud, according to the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office. The burglary of about $7300 worth of goods from a home in the Mount Shasta Forest Subdivision January 14th led deputies to serve a search warrant on the 18th at the home of Jimmy “Bo” Hunt on Shasta Avenue in McCloud. A U-Haul contained most of the stolen goods, including six rifles, two identified as assault rifles. Some of the goods were from a burglary a year ago. Hunt, who was apparently about to move out of state, was arrested. Another search was done early Thursday morning at another home on Shasta Avenue. The resident, Victor Zaccaglini, was not there but Leanne Varao was there with an infant, who was taken into custody by child protective services. Varao was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine and stolen property. Zaccaglini was later arrested in Yreka.


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