Deputies: Source Of Shots Fired Turns Out To Be Firecrackers

Three people were arrested in the City of Shasta Lake after a scene that was really just a misunderstanding Saturday afternoon. Shortly before 2 O’clock a 911 caller reported that two men were in front of a house on Gray Pine Way shooting handguns. The caller also said people appeared to have been shot and were on the ground. While deputies were en route another caller reported shots fired. Nobody was outside when deputies got there, and they used their loudspeakers to order everyone out of the house. Ban Hubbard and Michael Flanagan walked out the front door as James Forbess reportedly ran out the back door and tried to get away. A CHP airplane overhead followed him and directed deputies, who apprehended him. The three men wouldn’t say much, except that two other people were inside. Deputies entered the house and found William Richards and Joseph Jackson. Eventually the story came out that there actually were no shots fired at all and not even any guns there. The men had only been setting off firecrackers. Flanagan was arrested on a warrant. Forbess and Richards were arrested for obstructing and delaying officers. Forbess was also charged with felony vandalism for allegedly kicking the inside of the patrol car door until he warped it.


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