Man Sentenced To 9 Years For High Speed Chase

An Anderson man has been sentenced for leading law enforcement on a high speed chase in a stolen vehicle that almost ended in Lake Shasta. Around 2AM on November 26th, a deputy on Shasta Dam Boulevard noticed a car without a rear license plate, so he tried to pull the car over. The driver, 52-year-old Duane Enquist, fled and turned onto Montana Avenue, then picked up speed and ran stopsigns until getting back onto Shasta Dam Boulevard, heading in the wrong direction. Speeds reached 90 miles an hour as the chase continued onto Ashby Road, Pine Grove Avenue and Lake Boulevard, eventually ending at the Centimudi Boat Ramp at Lake Shasta. Enquist got out of the car, allowing it to roll forward. It kept rolling about 200 feet down the embankment and came to rest just before going into the water. Inside the car, deputies found 49-year-old Kristi Kae O’Neil of Shingletown, shaken and scared. She was treated for injuries at the scene, then taken to Mercy Medical Center for further treatment. Deputies blanketed the area and searched with Fritz the K9. Enquist was found hiding in some bushes and arrested without a fight. Enquist, who had a prior strike on his record, has been sentenced to nine years in state prison


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