RPD: Observant Officer Leads To Cache Of Stolen Goods

An observant Redding Police Officer cracked a valuable burglary case. At 8 O’clock Saturday morning Officer Nick Weaver noticed 31-year-old George Veronikis and another man acting suspiciously in a parking lot at Mistletoe and Hilltop. Veronikis quickly ducked into the bushes and came back out. Other officers arrived and the men were detained. In the bushes officers found a handgun that was taken in a burglary in 2015. The other man was released, but Veronikis was linked to a room at the Quality Inn. There, officers found Lorin Leonard and Gerry Malone. A search reportedly turned up Methamphetamine, as well as a large stash of jewelry and other goods from a burglary earlier in the week. The victims came to the motel room and identified their property, which they got back. All 3 men were arrested.


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