Red Bluff Shooting Suspect Shot Dead By Police In Butte County

Two Red Bluff men were killed by law enforcement in a single day in completely separate domestic violence related incidents. The second happened in Butte County. Red Bluff Police were called to the 400 block of Madison Street about 10:45AM after someone reported shots had been fired. A woman said she and her ex-husband, identified as 52-year-old Richard Moulton, had been in a fight during which he slapped her, bit her face, choked her, tried to gouge her eyes out and threatened to kill her. He then retrieved a handgun from his truck and forced it into her mouth. She managed to escape his grasp and run away as Moulton fired nine shots in her direction. The woman was not struck by any of the rounds, but did suffer some injuries and was taken to a hospital. Moulton fled in his Ford pickup before officers arrived. Deputies in Butte County spotted the truck in the Durham area and pursued it until Moulton stopped on Highway 162 at Aguas Frias Road. He opened the door, turned sideways in his seat and placed the gun to his head. He then lowered it, got out, and raised the gun in the direction of the deputies. They opened fire and Moulton was killed.


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