Trumps Tweet Causes Stir For Weed High School Student

A Presidential misspelling has brought a spotlight on the Siskiyou County Town of Weed, according to the Siskiyou Daily News. It’s a story of two Gillian Turners. Gillian with a “G” is a contributor to Fox News who served on the National Security Council for Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Jillian with a “J” plays soccer for Weed High School. President Trump tweeted a message to his 58 Million Twitter followers that said “Jillian Turner has even less understanding of the wall negotiations than the folks at fake news CNN and NBC!”, except he misspelled the name and used a “J”, temporarily directing some political heat in the direction of the girl in Weed. She later tweeted “This is not what I need! …like how does that even happen…one in a million chance.” Apparently there’s been a surge of interest in the town of Weed ever since.


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