Home Invasion Attempt Leaves Two Dead

An attempted home invasion robbery in Corning has left two suspects dead and three still at large, according to the Corning Observer. Shortly after 6 Tueday night, five men tried to gain entrance to a home on Highway 99W at the northern edge of Corning near Blackburn Avenue. Three of the men were armed. They demanded to be let in and broke a window, but one of the three occupants of the house confronted one of the robbers in the carport and fought with him, managing to wrench his gun away from him. He then turned the gun on the invaders and there was a gunfight, leaving two of the robbers dead just outside the backdoor of the home. One of the remaining suspects took off running, and was last seen northbound on foot making his way through an orchard. The other two fled to the south in a white 4-door Dodge Charger. A CHP officer spotted the charger on the freeway but he was unable to catch up with it. It’s believed to have a damaged front license plate. The three people in the house were unable to identify any of the suspects. The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office now has the semi-auto handgun that was used against the robbers, as well as a semi-auto rifle that one of them dropped while running away. The man who shot and killed the two suspects will not be charged with a crime, according to Tehama County D.A. Matt Rogers. Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston says he was clearly protecting his life, home and property.


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