Teen Accused Of Murder To Be Held In Custody For Mental Evaluation

The 16-year-old boy charged with murdering a man in Weaverville because he thought he was coming on to his girlfriend may not be competent to stand trial. According to the Trinity Journal, the teen appeared in court in a hearing Wednesday morning that was open to the public due to the nature of the allegations. Defense Attorney Larry Olsen said he’d met with the teen and said he has doubts about his competency. A defendant is considered not competent if they’re unable to understand the charges or the proceedings against them. The attorney requested an evaluation by an expert. Judge Eric Heryford said it will take time to set that up, and scheduled the next court hearing for March 18th. In the meantime, the boy will remain in custody at the Shasta County Juvenile Detention Center. The Trinity County D.A.’s Office had filed a motion to transfer the case to adult court. The boy is accused of the January 8th stabbing death of 28-year-old Nathan Purdue, reportedly because he thought Purdue was making advances towards his girlfriend.


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