NPU Makes Several Arrests During Bicycle Patrols Around Redding

Redding’s Neighborhood Police Unit took to 2-wheeled transportation Thursday to go after thieves and druggies. The officers used dirt bikes and bicycles to patrol Downtown, the Hilltop Drive Area and the River Trail. In a parking lot at Canby and Old Alturas, bicycle riding officers came across 3 people in a parked car. Brandt Williams was in the driver’s seat, apparently holding something in his closed hand. When asked, he reportedly admitted in was Heroin. The two passengers were also cooperative, and detained on suspicion of being on drugs. A search of the car allegedly turned up a half ounce of Heroin packaged for sale. Williams and one of the passengers were arrested. Thursday’s 2-wheeled patrol resulted in a total of 4 felony arrests and 4 misdemeanor arrests.


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