Forest Service Hosting Online Adoption Event To Find Homes For Wild Mustangs

More than a hundred Wild Mustangs may be sold to an uncertain fate if they don’t get adopted next week. In November, hundreds of wild horses were rounded up from the Devils Garden Plateau in Modoc National Forest. More than 650 of them were given to the BLM, which has been handling the round-ups and adoptions for years. This is the first foray into the horse business for the Forest Service, and their involvement has prompted lawsuits from animal welfare groups who say nothing will prevent purchasers from selling the horses to foreign slaughterhouses. The Forest Service has placed 128 of the animals with adopters, and they have 121 remaining in their corral. They’ll try to offload the remaining inventory during an “online adoption event”, which has now been set for February 11th through the 15th. Horses can be viewed at


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