Update: Chronic Offender Who Had Infractions Dropped Arrested Again

A man targeted in Shasta County’s new “Chronic Offender Accountability Program” who was given a break by a judge has been taken into custody for his usual offense, but this time he won’t be released right away. Jeffrey Patrick Smerber was arrested 25 times last year, mostly for public intoxication. He has accumulated 13 misdemeanor charges and 108 infractions. Smerber failed to appear in court Monday and, rather than issue an arrest warrant, Judge Daryl Kennedy granted a motion by the public defender and dismissed all 108 infractions. Tuesday evening Smerber was arrested by RPD for being drunk in public and unable to care for himself. He was held until arraignment, which took place Wednesday. Judge Adam Ryan arraigned Smerber on his 13 misdemeanors and ordered him held on $130,000 bail. If he doesn’t make bail, he’ll remain behind bars until trial.


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