Man Faces 7 Years In Prison For December Chase

A convicted drug dealer who led officers on a chase in Redding, hitting several cars along the way, has reached a plea deal with prosecutors. On the afternoon of December 3rd, SINTF Drug Agents were looking for 27-year-old Robert Cronin-Mills of Shingletown at a downtown motel. Cronin-Mills is on felony probation for drug sales, and was suspected of dealing again. When he saw agents in the area, Cronin-Mills got into his car and fled, trying to run over agents as he left. His car was later spotted in the area of Hilltop Drive and Browning Street and an officer tried to pull him over but he refused to stop, driving through several parking lots at slow speed. He then was driving recklessly and hit three cars at the corner of Browning and Canby Road. H almost made it into the parking lot of Wal-Mart but failed to stop for the red light and collided with another vehicle, disabling his car. He then fled on foot but officers found him with the help of several citizens. As he was running, Cronin-Mills was carrying a safe that contained Thousands of Dollars in cash and a large amount of Heroin and Cocaine. On Thursday he pled guilty to assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer, evading with reckless disregard, transportation of Cocaine for sale and resisting arrest. Next week he’ll be sentenced to 7 years in state prison.


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