Tire Tracks Help Deputies Recover Property Stolen From Siskiyou County Tribe

Arrests has been made in the investigation of a major theft from the Karuk Tribe in Happy Camp. On January 21st nearly $19,000 worth of tools was taken from a Karuk maintenance shop. A break in the case came when a deputy found a vehicle on the property of Thomas Day with tires tread matching notable tire impressions he had noticed at the crime scene. That led to the acquisition of a search warrant, which was served at Day’s home. No stolen property was found there, but over $11,000 worth of the tools were found in a vehicle linked to Day and Clarissa Erickson. The two had reportedly gone into hiding in the Happy Camp area after the theft, but they were found and arrested during a warrant sweep involving 5 searches. In addition to the stolen goods, deputies also recovered two deer that had been poached and were in the basement of a home.


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