K9 Helps Officers Capture Burglary Suspect

A drone and a dog were both used by Redding Police to find a theft suspect in the Parkview Neighborhood. Very early on February Third, an officer patrolling the Ellis and Polk Street area heard loud banging from the Sonsrays Machinery Yard. He checked it out and saw someone inside an idling pickup truck, apparently in the act of stealing it. The truck was later found to have it’s door locks and ignition punched. When the suspect spotted the police, he tried to get away by climbing onto the roof of another business. A drone was used to peek onto the roof, which was clear, so officers employed Njord the K9 to check the fenced yard of another business. The dog tracked down 48-year-old Ryan Barrett inside a vehicle. He reportedly fought with the K9 but was taken into custody.


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