K9 Helps Deputies Arrest Burglar At Forest Products Business

A Redding man was sniffed out by the powerful nose of a Sheriff’s Department K9 Monday night. A little before 11 O’clock an alarm was reported by an employee of Siskiyou Forest Products off Highway 273 just north of Anderson. When deputies got there they were shown a surveillance video of a man walking around inside a shop building. The sprawling business has a number of large buildings on many acres of land, so deputies employed Hondo the K9 to help them in their search. Hondo alerted to the presence of someone inside a building containing tall stacks of lumber. 40-year-old Christopher John Smith was reportedly found lying on his stomach on top of a 30 foot stack of lumber. He was ordered down and arrested. Next to the lumber stack, deputies say they found a large bag full of power tools and equipment that had been taken from the shop. A vehicle parked across the highway that was determined to be Smith’s contained more stolen property from a previous burglary at Siskiyou Forest Products, as well as two burglaries in Redding.


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