“Chronic Offender” Sentenced To 390 Days In Jail

A man targeted in Shasta County’s new “Chronic Offender Accountability Program” who was given a break by a judge has been sentenced. Jeffrey Patrick Smerber was arrested 25 times last year, mostly for public intoxication. He accumulated 13 misdemeanor charges and 108 infractions. Smerber failed to appear in court two weeks ago and, rather than issue an arrest warrant, a judge granted a motion by the public defender and dismissed all 108 infractions. Smerber was arrested again by RPD for being drunk in public and was ordered by a different judge to be held until trial on $130,000 bail. Smerber pled no contest to 4 counts of having alcohol in a park and 4 counts of drunk in public. On Tuesday he was sentenced to 390 days in jail and 5 years probation, during which he is banned from South City Park, City Hall, Tiger Field and the Pine Street Safeway.


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