Man Struck By Train While Visiting Dunsmuir Waterfall

A man was struck by a train in the Dunsmuir area, but he was rescued and is expected to recover. 33-year-old Kyle Hutchinson has apparently just recently moved to Dunsmuir and was unaware that the railroad tracks to the northwest of Dunsmuir are in use. On Monday he decided to visit the beautiful and difficult to reach Mossbrae Falls. He was taking photographs and had headphones on, listening to music. Still, he was able to feel the approaching train and stepped off the tracks, but there was not enough room at that location to fully avoid the train and he was struck by the corner of the locomotive. The train was only going about 10 miles an hour, but Hutchinson was seriously injured. After being assisted at the scene by EMT’s, Hutchinson was hoisted onto a CHP helicopter and flown to Mercy Mount Shasta.


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