Redding Police Conduct 1st Sweep Under New Illegal Camping Ordinance

Redding Police have been unable to force homeless people to move along ever since an October ruling in a federal court case out of Boise, Idaho invalidated much of the city’s ordinance related to illegal camping. Officers could still clean up pollution, but they couldn’t make anyone leave if they had nowhere to go. The city drafted a new ordinance that skirts the federal court’s restrictions and Tuesday, with the new law in place, a large scale sweep was done. RPD got help from Anderson Police, the D.A.’s Office, State Alcoholic Beverage Control and others and swept through the parks, the trails and the Downtown and Hilltop business districts. More than 130 people were contacted, 37 citations were issued, 7 warrant arrests were made and over 7500 pounds of material was removed.


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