Update: Gas Griddle Sparks Fire At IHop

A fire at a Redding restaurant overnight was apparently caused by an employee forgetting to turn off all the cooking equipment. Redding Fire Department responded to IHop on Hilltop Drive shortly after 11 O’clock. Firefighters arrived to see smoke coming from the roof of the high-ceiling modified a-frame 2-story building. A small fire was burning in the kitchen and the building was filled with smoke. An investigation showed that one of the gas griddles had been left on. It heated up and ignited a grease fire that spread to surrounding combustible materials. An automatic fire suppression system above the cooking area did its job and extinguished most of the flames before firefighters got there. The value of the damage is estimated at 75,000 to 100,000 Dollars. It’s not known how long the restaurant will be closed as a result.


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