Crews Report Restoring Most Customers Electricity

Great strides have been made in restoring electricity to Shasta County residents following last week’s heavy snowstorm. Redding Electric Utility has virtually all serviceable homes re-energized, though dozens of customers need to repair their own equipment before their electricity can be turned on. The storm knocked out power to 32,000 of REU’s 45,000 customers. Most of them were restored by rerouting and repairing city grid equipment, but the more extended outages involved damage confined to individual neighborhoods. Those who still have no power in Redding, or who see downed lines, should call REU at 245-7000. REU says people should call even if they already have previously. Some customers might have their power restored and not even know it because their breaker boxes may have tripped off or their fuses may have blown. PG&E has also restored many thousands of their customers, but a number of them remain without power in Shasta County. A lot of areas are difficult to access and affect just a few customers, but PG&E says they’re working day and night to complete the job.There’s an outage map at


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