Cannabis Cultivation Warehouse, Cell Phone Tower On Commission’s Agenda

Verizon Wireless wants to install a cell phone tower in Enterprise Park. The permit will be considered by the planning department at Tuesday’s meeting, which begins at 4 O’clock in the council chambers. It would be located 900 feet from Victor Avenue, with the closest house 345 feet away on Morningsun Drive. The 99 foot tall tower would be disguised as a Ponderosa Pine and contained within a 25 foot fenced area.

An indoor commercial cannabis cultivation business is seeking a permit for a warehouse building on Veda Street. If the guidelines are followed, it will be nearly impossible to tell from the outside that large amounts of marijuana are being grown onsite. The location is a few blocks from the Good News Rescue Mission, unlike another cannabis cultivator setting up in a building just a few yards from the mission. That facility was fiercely opposed and was denied by the planning commission, but later approved on appeal by the city council. Tuesday’s commission meeting starts at 4 O’clock.


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